"Professional, prompt and clear. Basil Sands is just what you want in an audiobook narrator." Best Selling Author James Scott Bell



Sandman Studio Productions of Alaska is the recording studio of award winning audiobook narrator and podcaster Basil Sands.


"Basil Sands’ excellent narration breathes life into four disparate characters – and others, as well – as they attempt to find, if not the truth, then a sense of peace with what has happened to family, friends, an entire country." Terry Hong, Media Arts Consultant for the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.


"Basil Sands's impassioned delivery brings new life to this 1993 book steeped in Arthurian legend and mystery. The ongoing struggle between Medraut, the eldest and bastard son of the king, and Lleu, the kingdom's legitimate heir, is intensified by Sands's dramatic and measured narration." Audiofile Magazine Review

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