Audio Samples

You don’t want just any voice to record your book. It is your baby, and you want the talent that best fits your vision of your book. Sandman Studio Productions is not a full cast production company. Basil Sands does all of the voices in all of his books. Take a listen and see if Basil’s voice meets your vision, then if you like what you hear give us call and we can get your book scheduled.


Audiobook Narrations:

Demo Reel:

5 Minute Audiobook Demo Reel including fiction and non-fiction, male and female characters, US, British, and Australian accents.

Basil has many audiobooks available at
For audiobook narration samples click this link to go to his list on and listen to the samples curently available.


Commercial Voice Overs:

Alaska Milkman - Michael Schwartz, realty - voice w/ music

Earhardt Roofing - voice w/ music

Discovery Channel - voice w/ effects

Olay Body Wash - voice w/ effect

Priceless Monkey - Voice only, no effect

Jack Daniels Single Barrel - voice w/ effect

Invisalign Orthodontist - Voice only

Buckshot Jones - Radio segment, entertaining/news


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