Wasted Vigil, By Nadeem Aslam

 Basil Sands’ excellent narration breathes life into four disparate characters – and others, as well – as they attempt to find, if not the truth, then a sense of peace with what has happened to family, friends, an entire country. BookDragon, Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center 

Damage Control, By John Gilstrap

 I wish Basil Sands read the whole series.  I like to listen to books I like again a few months later. This will definitely be getting a second listen.He does (Boxer's) voice perfect. When he talks you can actually see his ominous size and strength. Love his sarcasm too.Audible Reviewer 

Various Titles, by Basil Sands

 I absolutely loved Faithful Warrior and enjoyed 65 Below as well as Karl's Last Flight.Audible Reviewer

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